2022 VCT Challengers Europe - Stage 1 Week 1

2022-01-16 23:59 CET
2022-01-03 16:00 CET

Closed Qualifier

Open Qualifier

Quick Rules


  • Team must maintain, at all times during any Official Competition, at least three players on its Starting Roster that are Residents of the Team’s home Region. In addition, at least four of the Team’s players participating in any Official Competition game must be Residents of the Team’s home Region.
  • Only one team of an organization is allowed to participating on the VCT Tournament.
  • Exceptions are female teams - these may be entered as an additional team.
  • Reports regarding a player's rank cannot be considered/reviewed during the qualifier. In case of qualification, all players will be checked and disqualified if they do not meet the requirements. Disqualification of the team is also possible if at least 3 players do not meet the requirements.



  • Start Signup: Monday,
  • End Signup: Sunday,
  • First Match: Monday,

In the time between signup end and the start of the qualifier, additional anti-cheat checks are done. This is to ensure that every participant is eligible for the event.

Qualifier Schedule

Day 1 - BO3
  • Round 1, Monday -
  • Round 2, Monday -

Day 2 - BO3
  • Round 3, Tuesday -
  • Round 4, Tuesday -

Day 3 - Top 4 advance to Closed Qualifier - BO3
  • Round 5, Wednesday -

  • Round 6, Wednesday -

Day 4 - Closed Qualifier (Double-Elimination - Winner of Upper- and Lower-Bracket commence to the Main Event) - BO3
  • Round 1, Thursday -
  • Round 2, Thursday -

Day 5 - Closed Qualifier - BO3
  • Round 3, Friday -
  • Round 4, Friday -

Day 6 - Closed Qualifier - BO5
  • Round 5, Saturday -

Day 7 - Closed Qualifier - BO5
  • Round 6, Sunday - ]

Main Event Schedule

  • Stage 1 starts on Feb 11th

Quick Rules


Patch-Line: VALORANT First Strike. Please find install instructions in the Guide

Patch: 3.12

Match process

First round of each day

  • Teams have to submit their lineup on the matchpage that will play the match at latest 15 minutes after the scheduled time match time
  • Every player of every team has to click the "ready up" button on match page of every first match of a qualifier day to confirm their availability
  • If one team and/or player missed the lineup select or ready up in time, the match will be closed as a default loss
  • If both teams and/or players of both teams missed the lineup select or ready up in time the match will be closed and both teams are disqualified

Later rounds of each day

  • The teams will be seeded into the next round once the previous match is closed
  • Once both teams are available at the match page the map veto has to be started using the comment section of the match page within 15 minutes
  • If one team doesn´t start the map veto or doesn't respond to the veto start a Support Ticket has to be created

Map Veto and Side Select


  • Bind
  • Haven
  • Split
  • Ascent
  • Icebox
  • Breeze
  • Fracture

Map Veto BO3

  • The left sided team at the match page will decide if they are either Team A or Team B.
  • Team A bans 1 map
  • Team B bans 1 map
  • Team A picks map 1
  • Team B picks side for map 1
  • Team B picks map 2
  • Team A picks side for map 2
  • Team A bans 1 map
  • Team B bans 1 map
  • Map 3 is only Map remaining
  • Team A picks side for map 3

Map-Veto has to be done in the commentary section on the match pages.


Lobby Owner
The team that is mentioned first in a match (left side) has to create the lobby and invite the opponent team to it.
Starting with the top 8 teams and later rounds, a tournament admin will add the team captains of both teams and will host the lobby.

Lobby Settings

  • Default server Location (teams can agree to another server location):
    EU: Frankfurt 1
    TR: Istanbul
    RU: Frankfurt 1
  • Allow Cheats: Off
  • Tournament Mode: On
  • Play Out All Rounds: Off
  • Overtime: Win by Two: On
  • Hide Match History: Off

Technical Pauses

During the Qualifier stages, each Team will have the ability to pause for up to 10 minutes to resolve any technical issues that arise. Teams may pause multiple times throughout a map as long as the total pause time does not exceed the 10 minutes. If a team pauses for a technical issue, they must announce the reason before or immediately after the pause in the match room chat and in-game chat.

Pauses that extend beyond the 10-minute duration may result in penalties, including disqualification. Tournament officials retain the right to increase permitted pause duration at their discretion.

Tactical Pauses

Teams are allowed to call Timeouts of 60 seconds in duration, two times per map. The 60 second clock will begin when the in-game pause timer begins. Timeouts can be called via the in-game pause system. In the event of overtime, each team will be granted an additional Timeout.


Teams may have one coach. If a Team has a coach, then that coach may be present for every Match in which the Team participates. For live, in-person tournaments held as part of a Challengers event (“LAN Events”), at least one of a Team’s designated coaches may be on site throughout each such Match.

Coaches are only permitted to be in the Match Area during Agent and Map selection, Timeouts, Half-Times, and in between Maps. For the purposes of online competition, any room in which the player competes will be considered part of the Match Area.


Once a full match is over both teams must enter the correct match result on their match page. If one team enters no result or a wrong result, their opponent must open a support ticket as soon as possible.