Four spots left: Who will join the first VCT Regional Masters?

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G2 Esports, OG, Fnatic and Wave Esports await new challengers in their second Playoffs run. Rix.GG defeated Team Liquid in a thrilling showdown. The very first VCT Challengers are almost in the books. On Thursday and Friday, eight teams fight for the last four spots in the VCT Challengers Playoffs. There are already teams waiting in the Playoffs, namely those who didn’t make it in last week's Playoffs. The teams qualifying in the upcoming days will fight G2 Esports, OG, Fnatic and Wave Esports.

The eight teams in the Playoffs of Week 3, which takes place on Saturday and Sunday, will then determine who’s going to claim the four remaining spots at the VCT Regional Masters EU, the first circuit-point-awarding tournament in the region, concluding Stage 1 of the VALORANT Champions Tour from 13 to 21 March.

Learn how the VCT Regional Masters EMEA work:

Rix.GG eliminate favourite

In the Qualifier, we already saw the first upset in Week 3. Rix.GG eliminated none other than Team Liquid from the tournament. The team surrounding Oliwer "LATEKS" Fahlander obliterated Liquid on Bind 13-4. Despite losing on map two, Ascent, Rix.GG displayed nerves of steel in the decider game on Split: they concluded the map after overtime 16-14. With a final map score of 2-1, Rix.GG advance to the Play-In.

Captain LATEKS is quite happy with the result and attributes this to the strong work ethic of his team. He is confident that his team will continue to grow. “We have been working our asses off the past couple of weeks and I’m happy it shows”, tweeted the Swede after the series.

With their status as favourite killer in the bag, they can enter their next series against the multinational squad Raise Your Edge Gaming with confidence. Should Rix.GG also win this match, they will play against OG in the Playoffs.

Guild Esports, DfuseTeam and Giants Gaming still in the run

Among the participants in the round-of-eight, there are once more some notable teams. Guild Esports are certainly one of the strongest squads in Europe, featuring accomplished former CS:GO player William "draken" Sundin. However, in both Week 1 and 2 they were eliminated by two other organisations of great renown: OG and Fnatic.

The highlight of the upcoming round-of-eight will probably be the showdown between two up-and-coming teams: DfuseTeam is considered one of the most talented line-ups from France. In Week 2, they posed a tough challenge to Alliance, but still lost 0-2 in the end. Giants Gaming is a Spanish multi-gaming organisation who earned decent placements in smaller cups and series. The international line-up consists of fresh talents and former CS:GO pros.

You can have a detailed look of the entire grid on our dedicated bracket page for Stage 1 Week 3.

Teams in Playoffs

Wave Esports
G2 Esports

Teams qualified for VCT Regional Masters

Ninjas in Pyjamas
FunPlus Phoenix
Team Heretics


04 March, 6 PM CETPlay-In
05 March, 6 PM CETPlay-In
06 March, 5 PM CETPlayoffs
07 March, 5 PM CETPlayoffs

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