Three underdogs battle their way to VCT Regional Masters

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DfuseTeam smash G2's ambitions to play at the VCT Regional Masters. Fnatic and OG will not attend the Regional Masters either. We have already seen many upsets in the VCT Challengers, but Week 3 added even more to the list. G2 Esports, OG and Fnatic all fell to – on paper – supposedly weaker teams in the Playoffs of Week 3. However, the underdogs showed that they are anything but weak, reshuffling the balance of power tremendously just one week before the very first VCT Regional Masters.

After the last Challengers Playoffs of Stage 1, we now have the four squads complementing the eight-team line-up at VCT Masters EU:

  • Guild Esports
  • DfuseTeam
  • Ballista Esports
  • Raise Your Edge

Outstanding underdogs turn series against G2

After a clean 2-0 sweep from Guild Esports over Wave Esports, VALORANT fans saw an extremely impressive turnaround in the second Playoff match on Saturday. The French prodigies of DfuseTeam were up against G2 Esports, probably one of the most favoured teams in the entire VCT EU. The first map, seemed to prove that Dfuse were helpless against G2: they only managed to win three rounds, losing 3-13.

Many teams would be broken after such a decisive loss, but the French fought fiercly on map two. After a thrilling first half, they tipped the scale in their favour in the second, claiming a 13-8 victory. The match decider would be played on Bind, a map on which G2 boast an insane 90% win rate over their 30 games played there.

Against all odds, Dfuse won six rounds in a row as attackers before G2 were able to add some for themselves on the scoreboard. In particular, Defuse's Jonathan "TakaS" Paupard played a mindblowing game on Raze, obliterating the favourite. The map eventually ended 13-7 in Dfuse's favour, sending the team surrounding star player Oscar "mixwell" Cañellas Colocho home 2-1.

TakaS was elected MVP by the VCT community after the match – deservedly so, as he scored 57 kills, 10 more than G2's top fragger Jacob "pyth" Mourujärvi.

VCT Regional Finals without Fnatic and OG

The second half of the Playoffs bore equally surprising results to VALORANT experts. Both favoured teams, Fnatic and OG, lost their matches on Sunday. First, Fnatic played Ballista Esports, a team hailing from Poland. Right from the start, the team around former CS:GO pro Jake "Boaster" Howlett had a difficult time handling Ballista, resulting in a clear loss on map one (8-13).

On Bind, Fnatic looked much better, edging out a small 7-5 advantage after the first half. However, they were not able to turn their lead into a victory and had to go into overtime. In the end this wasn't enough and Fnatic lost map two as well, 12-14.

The match for the last spot at the VCT Regional Finals was an extremely one-sided affair. OG was taken off-guard by their opponents Raise Your Edge. On both maps, which OG lost 3-13 and 6-13, RYE seemed invincible with three players scoring more than 30 frags over both maps, completely outplaying OG.

VCT Regional Finals coming up

With Week 3 concluded, all eight teams for the VCT Regional Finals, starting on 12 March, have been determined:

Alliance (Week 2)
Ninjas in Pyjamas (Week 2)
FunPlus Phoenix (Week 2)
Team Heretics (Week 2)
Guild Esports (Week 3)
DfuseTeam (Week 3)
Ballista Esports (Week 3)
Raise Your Edge (Week 3)

Besides teams of great renown, such as Ninjas in Pyjamas and Team Heretics, we'll have a close look at the talented squads that displayed they are perfectly capable of even beating teams which are considered stronger. If you want to know everything about the upcoming VCT Regional Masters EMEA, take a look at this article:

The VCT Regional Masters EMEA will hold a conclusive tournament for each EU, TR and CIS to determine the best team of Stage 1. Not only will there be a considerable sum of prize money for the participants to win, but also circuit points that will decide which teams will take part at VALORANT Champions, the world championship in VALORANT at the end of the year.

I couldn’t watch the games live. Is there a way to rewatch?

For those who are busy during the match-days, simply check out our VODs on YouTube and Twitch. Every game and livestream will be saved on its respective channel and you can watch any series whenever you want to.

Click here for the VoD of Playoffs Week 3 Day 1 on YouTube.

The VoD for Day 2 will be available on YouTube shortly.

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