Unstoppable FPX moves on to EMEA Challengers Playoffs

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FPX dominate Guild Esports in Main Event finals 3-0, also thanks to an impeccable Pontus "Zyppan" Eek. FunPlus Phoenix are Europe's new number one, if the Main Event of VCT Challengers EU Stage 2 is any indicator. The team of captain Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow has been among Europe's finest for quite a while and can now support this claim as they dominated Guild Esports over an entire best-of-five series on Friday. Although the Swedish squad featuring ex-CS:GO pro William "draken" Sundin played a magnificent tournament, FPX seemed just on another level on that day.

FPX outplay Guild Esports

While the first map, Ascent, was a fairly well-balanced affair, still ending 13-9 in favour of FPX, the multinational line-up stepped up their game on the following two maps. Beginning defenders on Icebox, FPX seemed like an impenetrable wall to the Swedes. Zyppan in particular played totally out of his mind, hunting down his enemies on Reyna. With 33 kills, he scored more frags than both of Guild's frag leaders Saif "Sayf" Jibraeel and draken taken together. In the end, FPX took a flashing 13-5 victory.

The last map of the series was Split. Although Zyppan was once more FPX' best fragger, the entire team was too much for Guild to handle. The map ended even stronger in favour of the phoenixes with 13-4. For taking first place at the Main Event, FPX were rewarded with €15,000 prize money, Guild earned €10,000 for making it to the grand finals.

MVP: Zyppan

FPX' Zyppan had two really impressive runs on map two and three, where he stomped his opponents mercilessly. Across the entire series, the Swede scored 69 frags – 30 more than Guild's best fragger Leo "Leo" Jannesson. At the same time, Zyppan played a different Agent on every map, going for Sage, Reyna, and Raze over the course of the grand finals. The community elected him MVP after the match with 68.6% of the votes. His captain assumed a not-so-close second place with 22.9% of the community backing him.

FPX entered Stage 2 as co-favourite and kept on delivering. As finalist, FPX is now, along Guild Esports, among the eight participants at the EMEA Challengers Playoffs, the first VCT event which will see all three territories competing.

CrowCrowd, Team Singularity, forZe and GMT Esports have advanced to the second Main Event in the CIS, where the representative of that territory will be determined. In TR, VCT Regional Masters champion Futbolist won another event, winning over Oxygen Esports in the Main Event grand finals. However, both will continue their journey at the EMEA Challengers Playoffs.

PlacementPrizeTeamAdvance to EMEA Challengers Playoffs
1st€15,000FunPlus PhoenixYes
2nd€10,000Guild EsportsYes
3rd-4th€5,000Ninjas in Pyjamas/OpportunistsNo

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