Liquid and Fnatic face global competition at Masters Reykjavík

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We take a look at the Masters 2 participants and their chances at the big international offline event in the capital of Iceland. The wait is almost over — only a few more hours are left before the best VALORANT teams in the world compete for the Masters 2 title. For the first time in the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour, Masters 2 will take place as an epic offline event with $600,000 overall on the line. With this historic premiere ahead, we will take a look at the participating teams and the challenges EMEA teams will face.

Here are all ten participating teams to represent their regions on the stage:

TopTeam LiquidEMEA #1
TopSentinelsNA #1
MidFnaticEMEA #2
MidVersion1NA #2
MidNUTURN GamingKR #1
MidTeam VikingsBR #1
BottomCrazy RaccoonJP #1
BottomX10 EsportsSEA #1
BottomKRÜ EsportsLATAM #1
BottomShark EsportsBR #2

ScreaM's Liquid wants to be the best team in the world

Both Fnatic and Liquid are looking at their first Masters participation this year – and also their biggest challenges yet. With other top teams from regions across the globe like Sentinels, KRÜ Esports and Team Vikings, Fnatic and Liquid have to prove their skills.

Most eyes in the EMEA region will probably be on champion Liquid around pro player Adil 'ScreaM' Benrlitom. ScreaM has shown some insane performances during the Challengers 2 and will for sure be one of the players to watch in Reykjavík thanks to his impeccable aiming skills and game sense. In an interview, the Belgian told us that he's quite confident that Team Liquid is going to do well and dominate teams globally.

Liquid's first opponent in the second round of the Upper Bracket will be either North American runner-up Version1 or Crazy Raccoon from the Japanese region. The Raccoons already won the first Masters event in Japan and are known as the strongest team in the league.

In which bracket will Fnatic start?

As second EMEA seed, Fnatic will start their journey in Round 1 against KRÜ Esports from Argentina, the LATAM champions. In the Playoffs of the LATAM Challengers 2, KRÜ beat their opponent Infinity Esports with a convincing 3-1. On top of that, they finished the last map dominantly 13-1.

If the number two from EMEA wins this first match, they'll continue their run in the Upper Bracket where they would play none other than the North American Stage 2 winners Sentinels.

How strong are Sentinels really?

Because of the big player base, NA forms the second region with two seeds at Masters 2 next to EMEA. The teams Version1 and Sentinels will therefore represent NA’s VALORANT scene in Reykjavík. Throughout 2021, Sentinels dominated the North American league. With several titles from the last Challengers and Stage 1 Masters, the team is now looking to add another trophy to their name. Throughout the current season, the Sentinels have been one of the most consistent teams when it comes to their placement in all previous VCT events. It's going to be especially interesting to see how they fare against the top teams from EMEA and KR.

Which are the other teams to watch?

However, not only well-known teams from the big regions should be feared by their opponents. X10 Esports from Southeast Asia claimed an impressive record of titles and trophies this year and could stage an upset against the supposedly favoured regions.

Another team on the screen will be NUTURN Gaming. Being placed second in the Korean Masters 1 and winning the Stage 2 Challengers, NUTURN have already proven that they belong in the global event. As representatives of one of the world's most professional esports eco systems, they can be considered a co-favourite of the event.

Where can I watch the games?

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