Liquid's ScreaM: "It’s not like CS is giving you the biggest advantage"

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Liquid's coach has clear plans on how to improve his team's performance when looking at the upcoming Stage 3, including the next Masters in Berlin. Meanwhile ScreaM is looking forward to reviving the historic rivalry between NA and EU. One week after the first offline event Masters 2 in Reykjavík, the teams are settled back home and looking towards VCT Stage 3. After losing against Version1 in their first Upper Bracket match, Liquid showed off some dominant performances against KRÜ Esports and Team Vikings in a Lower Bracket run. However, FNATIC won the epic EU showdown and eliminated Liquid from Masters before the Lower Bracket Final. We took the chance in the off season and talked to champion Adil 'ScreaM' Benrlitom and head coach Sliggy about their expectations of the upcoming Stage 3 and the next global event.

ScreaM: "There is going to be a big rivalry between NA and EU"

You guys lost the EU-showdown in two very close games. Why do you think you could not beat them that day?

ScreaM: I think FNATIC were better tactically in this event than we were. And also we made a lot of mistakes that basically cost us the game. It is how it is – the team that makes the most mistakes loses the game.

In CS:GO back in the years you were known for your one-taps instead of spraying. Now your headshot percentage was the highest in the whole event – congrats on that! Is that something you still do consciously or did that change when you swapped the games?

Of course I think I have the same gamestyle a little bit, I like going for the headshots and I’m happy to hold these statistics. But I think it’s a bit harder to have this high a percentage in VALORANT, especially when you play with the Phantom. And I played with the Phantom a lot, so it’s a bit hard but I’m still happy to be in first place.

In our last interview you said that the regions’ playstyles translate from Counter Strike and other games to VALORANT – what do you think about this after you saw the teams playing against each other? Did you see the translation of these playstyles?

I think all of Sentinels are coming from CS and I think they are better individually than everybody else because they have the advantage of coming from CS. But I think everybody is good in this game. We have someone coming from League of Legends, some players from Fortnite and from a lot of games – so it’s quite interesting. It’s not like CS is giving you the biggest advantage.

What do you think about NUTURN Gaming specifically? Because Solo also successfully made the jump from CS:GO to VALORANT. What does that tell about CS:GO-players at VCT?

I think when really good CS players go to VALORANT, they have an advantage and will most likely going to be at the top. Of course the mechanics are kind of the same, you have a game sense as well. But I don’t think there are that many good players coming from CS, so the level is pretty even right now.

Especially after the grand finale between FNATIC and Sentinels, the ‘NA>EU’ calls got very loud. Do you think you can turn these into ‘EU>NA’ calls by the end of the year?

Yes, I think so. There is going to be a big rivalry between NA and EU. Sentinels were slightly better at this event but for the next one in two months everything is going to be on another level. Everybody is going to evolve and everybody is going to be so much better. I think we have better players in Europe than in America overall. We have better vision in the game and play more tactically - NA has its limits when it comes to their individual performance. The gap [between EU and NA] is getting closer and closer.

Sliggy: "You can’t get away with doing the same thing for too long"

Did the team fulfil your expectations in Reykjavik?

Sliggy: I always set my expectations too high potentially. So I’m only ever satisfied if we win. But I also have to be happy with the progress that we made within the last two months. Unless I win an event, I’m always going to be disappointed.

Do you think that the team made big progress?

Yes, I think the actual progress we made the last two months has been really really good. So I should definitely focus on how far we’ve come in such a short period of time. I definitely think going to the bootcamp facility in Utrecht massively helped. All being at the same place makes it so much easier to just talk about all kinds of problems and what we need to focus on.

What did you think about the level of the North American teams before Masters and afterwards?

At least before this Astra and Viper meta, I used to think they were always behind Europe in terms of the meta and I think this is probably the first patch where I’d actually say that they seemed a bit better than the European teams. Especially their use of Astra was something that we didn’t really experience on that kind of level. They got Astra to a much higher level than the European teams. It didn’t surprise me too much how good they are. But I guess we underestimated how good they were at the current meta.

What aspects do you have to work on before the upcoming events this year?

Obviously there’s the new map Breeze - I need to kind of catch up and work out what the current meta is that teams are playing, work out what’s best suited for our team and get some strategies down. We definitely need to focus on our Icebox as well because our Icebox isn’t up to scratch. And then I think we probably need to reinvent ourselves on all the other maps as well so it’s quite a long list. You can’t get away with doing the same thing for too long because it’s quite easy for teams to adapt and work out the best way to play against it. I think you have to constantly be evolving and changing your playstyle and your composition.

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