EMEA Stratbook: Bigger pool of observers and on air talents for VCT Stage 3

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Stage 3 of the 2021 VCT will be played in a double elimination format and provides a bigger pool of observers and broadcast talents. Starting a new format with "EMEA Stratbook" - we bring you the newest updates and discuss some of the hottest topics around VCT EMEA! This new series aims to give an insight behind some of our latest decisions and changes to our league as we constantly assess the much appreciated feedback from our community. Kicking off the first of many, let's have a look at our latest changes and decisions!

What changed about the observing process?

We heard your feedback and expanded the pool of observers for our VCT games. That means more dedicated professionals will now serve you with some high quality directing in the upcoming match-ups. Rotation inside the team also allows for constant improvements in the broadcast quality.

Here is a list of all observers:

What else changes about the broadcast?

Additionally, we doubled down on talents for our English broadcast. We are bringing in more casters, analysts and a rotation of desk hosts. There will be a dedicated analyst desk for every show on the main stream throughout the entire stage. Keep an eye out for your favourite professionals from the scene!


Analysts and Casters

Why are we implementing a double elimination format for VCT Stage 3?

After carefully considering feedback from viewers, teams and experts, we decided to switch to a double elimination format for the third Stage, beginning with the first Main Event from 27 July. Except for the Open Qualifiers, every phase of the Stage will feature double eliminations. This will lead to more games and hype moments for you to watch and even more chances to see your favourite teams compete.

This format also reduces the randomness that the single eliminations bring. Losing teams get a second chance, so they can come back and prove themselves again after a defeat. This increases the chance to only invite the best teams for Closed Qualifiers and ensures that the quality remains high at each phase of the tournament.

Why have we changed it now?

The decision for implementing double eliminations has been made after considering and discussing feedback from all parties, including the fans and community.
In addition, we have more time for Stage 3 than we had for Stage 2, which has enabled us to increase the tournament's duration at various stages.

We always love to hear your thoughts and opinions, so make sure to continue giving us feedback on our broadcast and format!

How can I stay updated?

To stay up to date with the latest news on VCT EMEA, follow our social channels listed below:

I still have questions!

Still have questions? No problem! Contact our support at any time and we will get back to you as soon as possible or check out our FAQ section.

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