Broadcasts and schedule for Stage 3 Qualifiers 2

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Broadcasts, partner streams and schedule for the Stage 3 Qualifiers 2: We compiled all info for you in one place! The second round of qualifiers for Stage 3 of the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour is ahead of us. Starting on 20 July, our competing teams will fight for a ticket for the second Main Event of Stage 3 to qualify for the epic showdown at Masters Berlin. Here's everything you need to know about the broadcast times, talents, and where you can watch the games!

What do I need to know about Stage 3?

For complete information about the VALORANT Champions Tour: EMEA Stage 3, check out our "Everything you need to know" article here:

What are the qualifiers?

Challengers Week 2 is the second round of qualifiers in Stage 3. It takes place in all three EMEA regions: EU, TR and CIS, and will be split into two parts, open and closed qualifiers. During the Open Qualifier, up to 512 teams will compete in a single-elimination tournament with the top 8 teams advancing to the Closed Qualifier. In the Closed Qualifier, the top 8 teams from the Open Qualifier will face off against the top 8 invited teams in a double-elimination tournament. From the Closed Qualifier, the top four teams in each territory will then advance to Main Event 2.

You can check out our "Everything you need to know" article for more details regarding the qualifiers and the tournament format here.

Where can I find the partner streams for the Qualifier?

Throughout Challengers Week 2 Qualifiers, the following talents will stream games that will not be covered by an official broadcast. Some creators will stream the games in duo casts. You can find your favourite streamer in your language here:

Players and teams competing may stream their POV throughout the qualifier phase so keep an eye out for your favourite pro players! For the full schedule, head over to our schedule page.

Also check out the list of all on-air talents and observers for this stage in our article on the VCT Stage 3.

Will there be official broadcasts during the Qualifiers?

The final day of the qualifiers will be streamed on the official broadcast. To bring you most of the action, there will be dual streams occuring at the same time for the EU region while the CIS and TR regions utilize additional partner streams as mentioned in the table above. This is the schedule for the official qualifier broadcasts:

All times correspond to your time zone setting:

How can I stay updated?

To stay up to date with the latest news on VCT EMEA, follow our social channels listed below:

I still have questions!

Still have questions? No problem! Contact our support at any time and we will get back to you as soon as possible or check out our FAQ section.

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