Don't miss any games: The Masters Berlin Schedule

Masters Berlin will be the climax of VCT Stage 3 and provide you with world-class VALORANT action from 10-19 September. Here is the full schedule! Are you ready for the epic finale of VCT Stage 3? Sixteen teams from all around the world will meet in Germany to determine the very best among them. Get ready to watch the best players fight for their golden ticket to the main stage of the VCT Champions!

Seven regions will send their teams to VCT Masters Berlin. EMEA will be represented by four teams: Gambit Esports (CIS), Papara SuperMassive Blaze (TR), Acend (EU), and G2 Esports (EU).

Where can I watch the VCT matches?

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Full breakdown of the schedule for Masters Berlin

The tournament is set to take place from 10-19 September. Here is the full schedule of the 10-day-long event. Make sure to tune in!

All times correspond to your time zone setting:

Group Stage & Quarter Finals

DayBroadcast start
Day 1 – 10 September
Day 2 – 11 September
Day 3 – 12 September
Day 4 – 13 September
Day 5 – 14 September
Day 6 – 15 September
Day 7 – 16 September
Day 8 – 17 September

Semi Finals & Grand Final

DayBroadcast start
Day 9 – 18 September
Day 10 – 19 September

Watch Parties during Masters 3

For Masters 3, we are supported by some talented streamers who’ll cover the event in an array of different languages. Check the list below and see who will host a Watch Party in the language of your choice!















What's the format for Masters Berlin?

The tournament will consist of GSL style group play, followed by an eight team single elimination bracket. Teams were first sorted into four draw pools based on a combination of their respective final placements at the Challenger events and their regional strength.

  • Pool 1: NA #1, EMEA #1, KR #1, BR #1
  • Pool 2: NA #2, EMEA #2, LATAM #1, SEA #1
  • Pool 3: JP #1, BR #2, KR #2, EMEA #3
  • Pool 4: NA #3, SEA #2, JP #2, EMEA #4

Next, each team in a pool will be randomly drawn into one of the four groups (Groups A-D). If at any point a team is drawn into a group which already has a team from their region, then they get placed into the next alphabetically sequential group. The only exception to this are teams from EMEA, which as a result of having the most representatives at the tournament, can have two teams drawn into a single group.

During the Group Stage, teams will compete through a four team, double elimination bracket to identify two winners from each group. In the first round of each group, teams from Pool 1 will face teams from Pool 4 and teams from Pool 2 will face teams from Pool 3.

After the conclusion of the fourth day of matches, a random draw will seed the Knockout Stage. The four teams who will have advanced out of their group in 1st place will be randomly assigned a yet-to-be-determined 2nd place team from a different group. The teams then will play through an eight team single elimination bracket, with the first round seeing teams who placed 1st play against teams who placed 2nd.

How can I stay updated?

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