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We asked some of our broadcast talent about their favorite VCT moments, predictions for the upcoming LCQ and their expectations and wishes for the VALORANT esports scene. Before we dive into some exciting games for the last available spot at Champions in the Last Chance Qualifier, we spoke to some of our talent about their most exciting moments at the VCT.

What's been your favorite VCT moment so far?

Yinsu Collins:
Gambit lifting the international trophy of course! It’s been such a fantastic journey to watch them grow and improve every step of the way and the fact they’re able to win the most prestige tournament to date shows not only how strong they are as a team but also how strong the EMEA region is.

Tom "Tombizz" Bissmire:
Being in the arena in Berlin as Gambit won Masters 3 is really the only answer I can give. They played an incredible tournament and to see all the hard work they put in finally pay off with a trophy and an instant qualification to champions was amazing. Also meeting some of the players at the event itself they were truly lovely guys and couldn't think of better people to take that crown.

Vincent "Zescht" Talmon-Gros:
So far it must have been the success of Gambit. They surprised us all during Stage 2 already and they have worked damn hard to create a quite perfect system.

Who will win the LCQ?

This is a super tough question, every team has the potential to win this tournament which is what makes it so exciting. Some of these teams haven’t competed at the EMEA playoffs region for a long time so it’s difficult to judge how they’ll do against some of the more regulars, plus I think having a participant from Strike Arabia will really spice things up. However I do think G2 has a slightly less challenging route to the final but you really can’t tell what will happen at this point.

It's hard to say definitively who will win especially with teams like Liquid having what looks like a firepower upgrade but based on Masters it has to be G2. Top 4 finish, beating sentinels and looking extremely good both individually but also in terms of adaptive strategies. They proved they could fix problems with very short notice and even come up with new comps out of the blue. They are the favorites but will also be the target for a lot of other teams.

To be fair, the clear answer is G2. At the same time, Liquid could surprise us all with Nivera, but in the short time he's been on the team, I don't know if his impact will be massive.

What surprised you the most during the VCT season so far?

I think the CIS region in general has been a very pleasant surprise. We’ve known what EU and Turkey are capable of for a while now but CIS has always seemed to be a less competitive sector of EMEA. However, during the playoffs teams like Forze and Na’Vi really showed everybody what they can do and how they’re able to challenge some of the best of the best, I have no doubt they will continue to do so in 2022 as well.

I think the depth of talent we currently have within the scene. The fact that EMEA for example can send completely different teams to both international events and even the "4th rated" team can challenge for the title. This also links to Gambit coming from CIS and SMB from turkey. Normally we expect a couple of good players or teams to come out from those regions but the fact is now a lot of EU teams are looking to poach from both respective regions in order to improve there own rosters. It makes me so excited for the future of VALORANT as we are still in the very early days of the esport and have a lot of regions we have barely seen in other FPS titles (my favorite example being Japan) already looking very strong.

The production. We're in the first year of VCT and things already look so good. Sure, there have been some bumps on the road but everything looks so polished already.

What are your wishes for VALORANT esports in the future?

VALORANT has already given players massive opportunities but I hope it will continue this way and we see even more opportunities in the future, especially during quieter months of the VCT circuit. The commitment and hard work teams and players have dedicated to the competitive scene is incredible and I’m looking forward to seeing them getting rewarded for their dedication.

I want to see VALORANT become a truly global esport. We have now seen Asia begin to compete through Korea and a few other teams which as said above is something that is really exciting to see. If development continues as it currently is we could see champions from all over the globe, meet new stars rising from nations we never knew were possible and become one of the most global esports currently in the space. That for me would be a dream come true.

A demo-player. Rewatching VODs just isn't fun to me, as you can't look through all perspectives and positions. It's a niche thing, but for the pro level it's a game changer.

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