On this site you can find answers to some frequently asked questions. Please read this page and the rules before you open a support ticket to contact the administration.


Who can participate in the 2021 VALORANT Challengers?
Teams must maintain, at all times during any Official Competition, at least three players on its Starting Roster that are Residents (as defined below) of the Team’s home Region. In addition, at least four of the Team’s players participating in any Official Competition game must be Residents of the Team’s home Region

How do I sign up?
Here you can find a detailed guide about the sign-up.

What regions are there?
The 2021 VALORANT Challengers will run qualifiers in the regions: EU, Turkey and CIS.


What is the tournament format?
The qualifiers are played through several days and start off with a Single Elimination format and switch into a Double Elimination format at a later point.
  • Open Qualifiers: Single Elimination Bracket.
  • Closed Qualifier: Double Elimination Bracket
  • Main Event: Double Elimination Bracket

For more details on each qualifier visit the qualifier overview.

What is the tournament schedule?
Each region's schedule will be displayed on the qualifier pages. For more details on each qualifier visit the qualifier overview


How often can I participate?
You can sign up for all qualifiers of your region.

How many qualifiers are there per region?
Each Region offers two (2) online qualifiers in Stage 3.

When does each qualifier day start?
Qualifiers start between 17:00 and 18:00 depending on which round in each qualifier. A detailed schedule can be found on each qualifier page.

How many rounds are there in each qualifier?
Qualifiers range anywhere from 1 to 6 rounds depending on which round in each qualifier. A detailed schedule can be found on each qualifier page.


Why are we not playing on the newest patch?
To ensure a stable competitive environment, patches will only be played in official competition after a determined period of time, as it is otherwise considered high risk for esports use (eg. unforeseen bugs, potential cheats, hot fixes). The patch available for competitive play is determined by that time period, not competitive stage. The patch will apply for all regions competing in the same time frame (eg. all competitions happening in the same week - Europe Week 2 and Turkey, CIS Week 1) . The same framework is applied across other Riot Games tournaments, like League of Legends Esports.

How do I contact my opponent?
The easiest way to contact your opponent is via the match page in the comment section. The team displayed on the left side of the match has to create the match lobby and invite at least one of the opposing players to it.

Am I allowed to co-stream?
You can find detailed regulations on Co-streaming in the VCT Rules

The opponent is late/inactive.
If your opponent is not ready to start the map vote ten (10) minutes after the match is supposed to start the team loses the match by default. Please create a support ticket to inform an admin about this.

What do I have to do after the match is over?
Once the match is over enter the result on the match page. If you or your opponent entered a wrong (or no) result, please open a support ticket and upload screenshots of the match result on the match page to speed up the process.

The result is wrong. / My opponent misbehaved.
If you want to protest a match, open a support ticket immediately (no later than five (5) minutes) after the match. Include any evidence possible to support your claim, e.g. screenshots of the match result or ingame chat. If no evidence is provided the protest may be rejected.

I need help.
Please contact the administration directly via support ticket if you have any questions or concerns. Any other form of communication may receive no response.