Rulebook VCT Game Changers

This competition is for women teams only. VCT 2022 Game Changers Rules (MUST READ!)

Additional Rules

1. Global Competition Policy
2. Concurrent Ownership Policy
3. Bug List Patch 5.03 This is not a complete list. If you encounter a bug please reach out to get this clarified.

Data protection

Every person participating in the 2022 VALORANT Challengers hereby agrees to their player name as well as sound and image recordings of the player being used on websites of Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH, their Media and Broadcasting channels and as part of press reporting free of charge. The Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH is thus entitled to a temporally and locally unrestricted and unlimited use, storage and application of the material.

Every participant is required to link their Riot account with their GameSports account. Participants are only eligible to play if the registered account is used. If a participant wants to change their Game Account, they have to contact the administration via a Support Ticket.

Usage of several GameSports accounts is prohibited.

By participating in 2022 VALORANT Game Changers, players agree that their Riot account is visible to third parties.

In order to avoid deception and fraud in competitions dealing with fairness and integrity in esports or monetary and material prizes, Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH has a legitimate interest (General Data Protection Regulation; recital 47) to pseudonymize game accounts and save for up to five (5) years after deletion of user account.

Further information can be found in the Privacy Policy from Freaks4U Gaming GmbH, which users agreed to when creating their GameSports account.

Player profiles, that violate community standards are not allowed. This includes vulgar, racist, sexist, antisemitic, homophobe, transphobe or otherwise offensive participants names, pictures or profile descriptions are forbidden. The administration reserves the right to change or delete offensive or insulting names, pictures, or profile descriptions without advance warning.