Schedule Stage 3

Are you ready for the biggest tournament that VALORANT has ever seen? Get ready to watch the best players fight for their golden ticket to the main stage of the VCT Champions!

VCT EMEA is split into three territories: CIS, TR and EU. These territories will now march together towards a grand showdown in Stage 3, where EMEA's top teams emerge from the fighting pool of hundreds of participants.

Where can I watch the VCT matches?

What's the format for Stage 3?

Teams qualify over Open and Closed Qualifiers for the Main Events of each territory. The Top 8 teams from the Open Qualifiers will be seeded into the Closed Qualifiers, with top teams getting seeded higher in the bracket depending on their performance. The winners of the Main Events advance to the EMEA Challengers Playoffs. The finalists of the Playoffs attend VCT Masters Berlin.

How many teams from each territory will qualify for the EMEA Challenger Finals?

Qualification to VCT EMEA Challengers Playoffs - Stage 3 will be as follows:

  • EU: 4 teams from the first Main Event, 2 teams from the second Main Event, which are 6 teams in total
  • TR: 2 teams from the first Main Event and 1 team from the second Main Event, which are 3 teams in total
  • CIS: 2 teams from the first Main event and 1 team from the second Main Event, which are 3 teams in total.

In summary, a total of 12 teams will compete in VCT EMEA Challengers Playoffs.

Full breakdown of the schedule for Stage 3

Here is the schedule for all upcoming matches where Stage 3 of the VCT EMEA Challengers features three rounds: the first two rounds each consist of Open and Closed Qualifiers and a Main Event. After these are wrapped up, the final teams that qualify will compete in a thrilling ten-day showdown at the EMEA Challengers Playoffs to conclude Stage 3.

For more information about the full tournament structure, including the prize distribution and seeding of Stage 3, visit this article explaining the format in detail.

The first Open Qualifiers will be played from 28 June until 30 June, followed by the Closed Qualifiers from 30 June until 2 July. The second Open Qualifiers will be held from 20 July until 22 July, leading into the Closed Qualifiers on 22 July and ending on 24 July. The final day of each Closed Qualifiers will be broadcast. However, active participants may stream their POV during the Open Qualifiers and we are also actively working on bringing back partner streams, more information on that soon.

All times correspond to your time zone setting:

Main Event 1

Main Event 2

With TR and CIS starting their Main Events a day earlier than EU, this means that the EU-Finals of the Main Events will also be broadcast in Turkish and Russian.

EMEA Challengers Playoffs

RoundBroadcast start
12 August: Opening Rounds
13 August: Quarter Finals
14 August: LB R1
15 August: LB R1
16 August: UB Semifinals
18 August: LB R2
19 August: LB R3
20 August: LB Semifinals & UB Finals
21 August: LB Finals
22 August: Grand Final

Masters Berlin

We will provide you with the schedule of Masters 3 in Berlin as soon as we have the exact dates!


UB = Upper Bracket
LB = Lower Bracket
R = Round