Signup Guide

This guide is meant to help with the signup process for the 2022 VALORANT Challengers

Create account

Firstly, create an account in our network called “GameSports”. The GameSports network contains different websites – if you already have an account on a different site of the network you won’t need a new account.
Please click “Login/Signup” in the upper right corner of the page. A small window opens, either log in with your existing account or click “Sign up” to register a new account.

Enter your Game Account

Now link your account with your Riot account. You will be forwarded to Riot’s website, where you need to log in with your Riot account and authorize the access for the GameSports Network.

Create or join a team

To be able to join the competition only one thing is missing: a team. There are two possible options, either you create your own team or you join an already existing team.

Creating a team

If you are not yet a member of a team and like to take charge you can create your own team here. Enter a fitting, non-offensive name as well as a tag. Important is a valid email address as a point of contact as well as a password, which other players need to join your team. Finally every team should have a logo. Please keep in mind the limitations regarding image size (200x200px) and format (only .jpg files). As with the name we only accept logos which are non-racist, sexist or otherwise offensive. If you are unsure, whether a logo or name are still in good taste, please write us a support ticket.

Joining a team

Your friends already created a team? No problem. Go to the team overview and search for the team name. Alternatively, you can just ask your friends for the direct link to the team. Go to the team’s profile and join the team by entering the team password the leader of the team told you.


Once you are in a team you can continue. The next step is to sign up to the qualifiers you wish to participate in. The sign up can only be done by the leader or a captain of a team – if you fulfill one of these roles in your team, go the the qualifier page. Here you can sign up, if the sign ups are currently running. If you’re neither leader nor captain, make sure to remind them to fullfil this process.

Player confirmation

As the last step every player of the team has to confirm their participation in the qualifier. This is required to make sure; all players are active and really want to participate. The leader/captain who signed the team up to the qualifier is already automatically confirmed as well as any player who joined the team within 14 days before it got signed up.
Important: Exception to this rule is, if more than 5 players joined the team within 14 days before it was signed up – then only the leader/captain who registered the team to the qualifier is automatically confirmed.
As soon as at least five players confirmed their participation for a qualifier the team has successfully completed the signup process.
Still have questions? Let us know via support ticket! We are happy to help you.