Tournament Patchline Guide

Go to your desktop (or wherever the VALORANT launcher is), then right click the shortcut and go to properties

In properties, add the below to the end of the target line

" --disable-auto-launch"

The target should now read something like this:

"C:\Games\Riot Games\Riot Client\RiotClientServices.exe" --launch-product=valorant --launch-patchline=live --disable-auto-launch"
Note: Make sure there is a space between .exe and --launch

Sign in to the Tournament Client

Log into your Riot Account. Only Riot Accounts linked to the account on the official website ( at the time the sign up closed have access to the Tournament Client.

Update the Tournament Client

Make sure that "Champions Tour" is selected and you are not downloading any other update.

Run VALORANT Launcher and select "Champions Tour"